AHD (Aminohydantoin Hydrochloride) ELISA Kit

AHD (Aminohydantoin Hydrochloride) ELISA Kit
AHD (Aminohydantoin Hydrochloride) ELISA Kit
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Product Code : E-FS-E004
Brand Name : AHD (Aminohydantoin
Product Description

Test principle

This kit uses Indirect-Competitive-ELISA as the method. It can detect Aminohydantoin hydrochloride (AHD) in samples, such as honey, fish, shrimp, birds, liver and other samples. This kit is composed of Micro ELISA Plate, HRP conjugate, antibody, standard and other supplementary Solutions. The micro-plate provided in this kit has been pre-coated with AHD. During the reaction, AHD in the samples or standard competes with AHD on the solid phase supporter for sites of AHD antibody. Then Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) conjugate is added to each micro plate well, and TMB substrate is for color development. There is a negative correlation between the OD value of samples and the concentration of AHD. The concentration of AHD in the samples can be calculated by comparing the OD of the samples to the standard curve.

Technical indicator

Sensitivity: 0.02 ppb (ng/mL)

Reaction mode: 25, 45 min~15 min

Detection limit: Tissue/liver---0.04 ppb, Honey/milk/casing---0.04 ppb,

                             Milk powder/egg/egg powder---0.04 ppb

                             As fish/shrimp tissue are disturbed by some factor, detection limit is 0.06 ppb

Cross-reactivity: AHD---100%, AOZ/SEM/AMOZ0.1%,

Sample recovery rate: Tissue/liver---85%25%, Honey/milk/casing---80%20%

                                          Milk powder/ egg/egg powder---85%25%

Kits components



Micro ELISA Plate

96 wells

Standard Liquid

1 mL each

(0 ppb,0.02 ppb,0.06 ppb,0.18 ppb,0.54 ppb,1.62 ppb)

High Concentrated Standard (100 ppb)

1 mL

Derivatization Solution (black cap)

10 mL

HRP Conjugate (red cap)

5.5 mL

Antibody Working Solution (blue cap)

5.5 mL

Substrate Reagent A (white cap)

6 mL

Substrate Reagent B (black cap)

6 mL

Stop Solution (yellow cap )

6 mL

20Concentrated Wash Buffer (white cap)

40 mL

2Reconstitution Buffer (yellow cap )

50 mL

Plate Sealer

3 pieces

Sealed Bag

1 piece


1 copy

Other supplies required

Instruments: Micro-plate reader, Printer, Homogenizer, Oscillators, Centrifuge, Graduated pipette, Balance (sensibility 0.01 g).

High-precision transferpettor: single channel (20-200 L, 100-1000 L), Multichannel (300 L).

Reagents: Ethyl acetate, N-hexane, Sodium hydroxide, Concentrated hydrochloric acid, 

                    K2HPO43H2O,  Potassium nitroprusside(K2Fe(CN)5(NO)2H2O), Glucuronidase,

                    Zinc sulfate (ZnSO47H2O).

Storage and valid period

Storage: Store at 2-8. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

Valid Period: 1 year, production date is on the packing box.


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